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Automatic welding machine: 40 times than manual efficiency


Huang Jianwei
"Automatic welding machine, daily output is 40 times of that of the manual, so that production equipment is really excellent value for the price ah......" In February 23rd, the reporter entered in the Development Zone Xijiao Industrial Park Lezhi industrial Sichuan Xin Lei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the company chairman Zhang Yuqing will be profuse in praise of the two sets of production "baby" company purchased.
In the production workshop, production line installed near the end of the automatic welding machine is tense, operation, Wang Hongmei skillfully 6 end seat is inserted into a jig, gently push the pre tin machine, instant green light flash quickly pulled out, easy to welding machine before sideways to Hong Lan, Hong LAN took to the product insert fixture to promote the butt welding machine, machine display lamp rows order stop flashing lights flashing, display the OK product is taken out, the successful completion of the automatic welding...... 60 seconds, she had completed a pre tin more than 20 terminal seat.
"2 sets of automatic welding machine, 4 pre tin industry meet the company currently about 300 production line production demand." Zhang Yuqing said, in the workshop of 2 sets of automatic welding machine, is she has procured from Dongguan and come, each worth more than 8 yuan, is the territory of Ziyang electronic enterprises in the first. "After being put into production, which greatly reduces production cost, improves work efficiency, enhances the quality of products." She introduces, before a pre tin manual daily production capacity of only 300 or so, and now an automatic welding machine to 10000 2000, is 40 times the manual productivity; investment in human, the previous day needs 40 pre tin workers can basically meet the company's production, now only need 4 people with automatic welding machine can complete, saved 36 people, effectively solves the problem of the current enterprise difficult employment, labor shortage. At the same time, the device also has the characteristics of stable performance, safety, precise temperature control, overcomes the defects of uneven, is not stable due to manual pre in tin, ensure product quality, improve product competitiveness.
"The operation is simple, convenient, fast." Xiang Honglan said with deep feeling, the equipment is not much technical content, ordinary people to learn, she arrived at the office, half an hour to learn skills, "easy work, environmental protection and health."
"When the company to expand the scale, will increase the like fully automatic welding machine of high-end production equipment such as investment, improve production efficiency, optimize the structure of production, improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness." The end of the interview, Zhang Yuqing said.
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