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Xin Lei Electronics: to become the industry "leader"


Sichuan Xin Lei electronic technology company is an electronic processing enterprises in Lezhi investment. Since 2011 3 monthly income in the park since, Xin Lei electronics company develop steadily, this year 1 to September, realize exports 6000000 U. s.dollars. Recently, the reporter walked into the industrial park located in the western suburbs of Lezhi Xinlei electronics company to see the production workshop, more than 300 workers are busy working.
"Our company mainly in the TV, digital camera, mobile phone and other audio video data connection line processing, is an export oriented enterprises." Meet, Xin Lei e chairman Zhang Yuqing struck up a conversation, "last year 3 to December, we realize exports 500000 U. s.dollars, this year 1 to September to achieve exports topped $6000000, this year we plan to output value reached 3 times last year, $10000000 for export."
At the beginning of this year, affected by the European debt crisis, many export-oriented enterprises are in development dilemma, and Xin Lei electronics not only has not been affected, but to win customer trust in a crisis. "Quality is the survival of the enterprise, we always put the product quality in the first place." Zhang Yuqing said.
It is understood, Xin Lei electronics is a directional type of export enterprises, mainly for some well-known enterprises in Europe and America and Asian developed countries production data line, and these well-known enterprises not only the quality of the product has a very high demand, even to the environmental index products and appearance requirements are almost harsh, slightly does not meet the requirements of these enterprises will encounter, return, serious will also lose and these enterprises cooperation opportunities.
"We attach great importance to product quality, set up a special inspection personnel to error prone or special procedures for product quality; set up a special quality assurance workshop, products for fine material inspection, quality assurance inspection, engineering inspection, two inspection and product quality inspection." Zhang Yuqing said.
For Xin Lei export-oriented processing enterprises such as, talent is also an indispensable factor. It is understood, Xin Lei not only solve the employee transportation, air conditioning installation in the production workshop, also set up trade unions, women's federations and assistance center, let employees at work.
According to Zhang Yuqing introduction, the first phase of the project the company has built a factory 6, 1 dormitory buildings, containing more than 300 employees, two HDMI production workshop is under construction, next year is expected to completed and put into production. Will produce their own data connection lines required raw materials, become a production type industry. "We will continue in accordance with the ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, USB certification requirements, strict production every detail of the process, in a bid to become the industry 'leader' at the same time, to work hard for the construction of happy Ziyang!"

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