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'contemporary' grand launch of LS series low voltage AC servo drive

    AC servo system of the precise positioning and perfect control and many other characteristics determine that it has broad application and market prospect in various fields of industrial automation, medical equipment, and currently on the market are mostly high voltage products recommended, in some can only provide low-voltage occasions optional technical scheme is not particularly high, thus customers on the low voltage AC servo system needs more and more. Some customers use closed-loop encoder increases in stepping motor based on this scheme, the cost is relatively low, but also good for use in low speed conditions, but from the body design is still a step motor system, the performance of AC servo system is far from.
Golden Bright (Sichuan) Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Guangdong Kedong Electric Technology Co. Ltd. in order to meet the needs of customers, the timely introduction of the working voltage of 18 ~ 80VDC of LS series low voltage AC servo drive. This product is a continuation of the previous design thinking 'contemporary' HS series AC servo driver, to retain the integrity of the superior performance of all high voltage AC servo system, at the same time in order to meet the size and cost of customer requirements, introduced the low pressure servo four in one and two in one of two specifications clothing drive:
Work voltage: 18 ~ 80VDC
And the maximum output current: 20A
- four in one, two hardware design, greatly reduces the size and cost
Built in voltage compensation control, automatically adapt to the fluctuation of network voltage;
Built in proprietary intelligent regenerative braking control technology;
And overload automatic load reduction technology, to ensure that the drive for continuous maximum output capability;
Built in torque observer technology, automatically adapt to the change of the load;
And the control gain can be switched or internal adaptive matching;
Support CAN bus interface, built-in complete communication protocol, the convenience of customers remote monitoring
LS series low voltage AC servo driver has the characteristics of high precision, small volume, high stability, convenient networking, suitable for textile machines, CNC, engraving machine, medical equipment, vehicle equipment industry.


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