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Frequency converter has what function?

Frequency conversion energy-saving
Inverter energy saving is mainly manifested in the application of fan, water pump. In order . In order to guarantee the production reliability, various production machinery in the design of power with drive, have a certain amount of surplus. When the motor is not operating under full load, in addition to achieve the driving requirements, the extra torque by active power consumption, resulting in energy waste. Speed control method for fans, pumps and other equipment is the traditional by adjusting the inlet or outlet of the baffle, valve opening to regulate air flow and water, its high input power, and a lot of energy consumption in the process of the baffle and valve closure. When using variable frequency speed regulation, if the flow demand decreases, by reducing the pump or fan speed to meet the requirements.
The use of frequency converter motor's role is to control, and reduce the starting current. In order to produce a variable voltage and frequency, the device is first necessary to AC power to DC (DC), this process is called rectification. The direct current (DC) transform into alternating current (AC) of the device, the scientific term for "inverter" (inverter). General inverter is the DC power inverter for inverting power supply voltage fixed frequency and some certain of. For the inverter for adjustable voltage adjustable frequency, we called the frequency converter. The inverter output waveform is simulated sine wave, is mainly used in the speed control of three-phase asynchronous motor with frequency conversion governor, also called. High requirements for variable frequency inverter is mainly used in the detection equipment instrumentation in the waveform waveform, to collate, can output the standard sine wave, called variable frequency power supply. The general frequency power inverter is 1520 times the price. As the main device to produce changes in the voltage or frequency converter device called "inverter", the product itself is named "inverter", namely: inverter.
Frequency conversion is not everywhere can save electricity, there are a lot of use frequency does not necessarily save electricity. As the electronic circuit, the inverter itself but also power consumption (about the rated power 3-5%). A 1.5 air-conditioning power consumption is down itself also has 20-30W, the equivalent of a pilot. The frequency converter operation under high frequency, has the advantages of electricity saving, is a fact. But the premise condition is his:
First, large power and fan / pump load;
Second, the device has the power saving function (software support);
This is the three conditions reflect the effect of electricity saving. In addition, no day without electricity, no significance. If not the prerequisite said inverter frequency energy-saving operation, is exaggerated or commercial speculation. Know the whole story, you will he to serve you use clever. Attention must be paid to the use of occasions and conditions of use is good applied correctly, otherwise it is blind and credulous "deceived".
Power factor compensation energy saving
Reactive power will not only increase the heating power loss and equipment, more important is to reduce the power factor leading to reduced grid of active power, reactive power consumption in line number, low efficiency, serious waste of the use of equipment, the use of variable frequency speed regulating device, due to frequency converter internal filter capacitor effect, thereby reducing the reactive power loss, increasing the active power grid.
Soft start energy-saving
1: Motor hard start cause serious impact on the power grid, but also to the power grid capacity requirements are too high, the damage to the baffle and valve of high current and the vibration of start when greatly, on the equipment, pipeline service life is extremely unfavorable. While the use of frequency conversion energy-saving device, using the frequency converter soft start function will make the starting current starting from scratch, will not exceed the maximum rated current, the impact on power loss and the power supply capacity requirements, prolong the service life of equipment and valves. Saving the equipment maintenance cost.
2: in theory, the frequency converter can be used in all motor with mechanical equipment, motor when starting, current will be 5-6 times higher than the rated service life, will not only affect the motor and consumes more power. The system was designed in the motor selection will be left on a certain margin, motor speed is fixed, but in actual use, sometimes running at low or high speed, so the frequency transformation is very necessary. The realization of the motor soft start, power factor compensation can converter.


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