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Measurement of frequency converter

1: inverter output PWM wave, harmonic contains more. Variable frequency power sensor for AC sampling via the voltage and current to the input signal, and then the sampling value through the cable and optical fiber transmission system and digital input frequency conversion power analyzer, the digital quantity input frequency conversion power analyzer sampling of the voltage and current value of the operation, can obtain the effective value of voltage and current effective value, fundamental voltage, fundamental current, harmonic voltage and harmonic current, active power, fundamental reactive power and harmonic power parameters.
2: domestic inverter market pattern, the industry will be summarized as general converter, field of domestic enterprises to occupy more than 80% market share, competition is intense price a sharp drop in 10 years; high performance market is still dominated by foreign brands, the future will become the main direction of domestic inverter enterprises. Is the domestic intelligent electric R & D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Manufacturers of frequency converter, motor soft starter of industrial automation control products using overloaded type design, strong overload capacity, with a large starting and operating capacity, improve the automatic detection, protection and control performance, can start and control any type of heavy load motor, products have been widely used in all industrial transmission metallurgy, mine, papermaking, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, electric power, and building systems and other fields.
3: China inverter market maintained a growth rate of 12-15%, is expected to at least the next 5 years will maintain the growth rate of more than 10%. China's installed capacity market inverters (power) of the growth rate is actually in about 20%, is expected to at least 10 years later, the inverter market can be saturated and gradually mature.
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