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Solar photovoltaic inverter will be the main market opportunities in the construction of smart grid

At present, the world is facing four problems to be solved: globalization, city, aging and low carbonization. The four big problems brought serious challenges for the electronics industry, but also brings great opportunities. First of all, the development trend of the whole semiconductor industry is based on ultra low power consumption to reduce energy consumption. Secondly, the social problems caused by aging include higher demand on medical industry, at the same time, also to the medical electronic brings more challenges. Sensor with high resolution and high precision analog-to-digital converter is a new challenge to the present development of medical electronic semiconductor industry is mainly concentrated in the front. Thirdly, the process of globalization has shortened the distance of each person. And this change is largely dependent on the development of communication technology. Modern communications can be said to be borderless, development of electronic communication technology in saving energy contribution made by the earth is be obvious to people. Finally, the process of urbanization for the development of the city has brought startling changes, at the same time, also to the city traffic system brings a severe test. The electronics industry has played an irreplaceable role in the city traffic control system, and these aspects will be pulling electronic market growth point.
Energy is another hot, energy-saving emission reduction has been one of the main topic in recent years. From the development of clean energy, whether wind or solar energy, both in Europe and America or Chinese, has obtained the rapid development. To promote the development of semiconductor and electronic market is the detection and control technology in the growth. In recent years, China will continue to invest in new energy and smart grid construction, we can see more demand is the analog to digital converter with high accuracy and precision of the operational amplifier, processor and controller support network function, long life, wide temperature range, high reliable isolation device. In general, Chinese electronic market demand is huge, the growth trend will slow.
Simply put, the main market of new energy sources is the application of new energy in the energy system and power system, it exists in the power system, transmission, distribution, issued by four big links, an important part of this is the concept of smart grid. There are many critical problems faced in the construction of new energy, the new energy power generation technology, the new energy grid access, large capacity energy storage, UHV transmission, demand side management and intelligent metering technology should be the key points of concern to the industry. According to the new energy market, the main challenge we will face is the requirements of the new standard, smart grid problems and cost pressures, especially American requirements for solar photovoltaic inverter and grid connected equipment, requirements of micro inverter on cost.
The smart grid construction, solar photovoltaic inverter will be the main market opportunities, in the use of semiconductor technology to greatly improve the electricity transmission and distribution and the development of new and renewable energy (wind and solar), Chinese contains huge business opportunities. China has many other countries do not have the advantage, because we are in many field just start a new page. Chinese State Grid has announced investment of 4 trillion yuan for the power infrastructure construction. This investment is 100 times as much as the rest of the world, its goal is completed in 2020, the national coverage of smart grid. This is a smart grid projects most aspiring world. In addition, according to the industry forecast, to 2020, Chinese electricity demand will be doubled. This growth means will also grow on various demand for new products, including smart meters, power plant upgrading, solar and wind power plants and transmission equipment and extra high voltage transmission line.
In addition, the new Europe standard in practice will require new energy equipment, especially the solar photovoltaic inverter equipment, practical temperature range and a grid connected equipment needs higher conversion efficiency, longer service life, wider and higher EMC requirements. Considering from the security point of view, controller and inverter are in need of complete isolation technology. These specific requirements have also spawned and promote the development of corresponding industries, especially some new semiconductor devices, for isolating device long-life, high temperature range, improve the device current, voltage detection accuracy, controller and low cost demand had greater growth.


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