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Choose the steps and method of inverter

The inverter is also called power regulator, according to the use of inverter in photovoltaic power system can be divided into independent power supply and grid connected by two. According to the waveform modulation mode can be divided into square wave inverter, step wave inverter, sine wave inverter and three-phase combined inverter. For the inverter for grid connected system, according to the presence or absence of the transformer can be divided into transformer inverter and transformer type inverter.
Energy saving and environmental protection is the focus of common concern, the photovoltaic industry from Europe, Australia, to the present China has become a hot industry, the domestic photovoltaic inverter manufacturers in just a few short years was born as the spring bamboo shoots, but how to choose the solar inverter or a certain standard.
Inverter is the key component of solar photovoltaic power generation system, so there are higher requirements on the inverter, the inverter should pay attention to in the selection of the technical specifications to meet the system design requirements. General focus to consider the following several technical indicators.
Optional steps and methods
1, power
Inverter generally according to the requirement of the system configuration corresponding to the power section selection, power inverter should be the maximum power and solar array matching, selecting of photovoltaic inverter rated power output and input total power close around, this can save cost.
2, the key technical indicators
1), select the input and output voltage range of appropriate, ensure optimal combination products..
2), the efficiency of inverter in Europe: it will affect the design of the cost and the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system.
3), solar array maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and its efficiency.
4), attention should be paid to the selected inverter should have basic protection functions, such as overcurrent / short-circuit protection, over power protection, over temperature protection, lightning protection, islanding protection function.
5), the inverter output current waveform distortion rate (THD%) to less than 4%.
In 3, the certification standard
As the core equipment of PV power station, in order to ensure the stable, reliable, continuous operation, grid connected inverter must have very high reliability. It should have sales destination safety certification, electromagnetic compatibility certification, and national grid authentication: (in the European case)
Safety: EN62109-1, EN62109-2
Electromagnetic compatibility: EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-4
Grid authentication: VDE0126-1-1 (Germany)
4, brand and service
Suggest to buy on the market at present the good reputation of the brand, because the general brand image of good companies, usually in technology, service and repair on a larger investment, can meet the commitments to customers.
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