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Development prospect of electrical automation

Major in electrical automation is a new subject in the field of electrical information, its tentacles into all walks of life, small to a switch design, the space shuttle research, has its shadow. Because people's daily life and industrial production are closely related, development is very rapid, is now relatively mature. Control theory and electrical network theory is the basis of electrical engineering and automation, power electronics technology, computer technology is its main technical means, but also includes the system analysis, system design, system development and system management and decision research field. The professional and some characteristics of strong and weak electricity, is the combination of electrical and electronic technology, the combination, the combination of software and hardware, has a character of cross disciplinary, electric power, electronics, control, computer integrated multidisciplinary.
Major in electrical automation with the development of electronic devices, high power transistor transistor, FET and other large power and mature, and the establishment of the presence of the theory, based on modern mathematics, matrix algebra as the theoretical basis of the electromagnetic control system so that more electronic technology and automation to a new historical height. Although the forefront of the development of our country in this regard is not standing in the world, but along with our country comprehensive national strength increased, the increase in foreign exchanges, we have gradually narrowed the gap with the developed countries. Representative is: 300000000000 times per second, the successful development of the master computer; nanotechnology; simulation technology.
Electrical automation major courses: motor and drag, factory electric control technology, power electronics technology, power electronic technology practice, single-chip technology, PLC technology, electronic engineering drawing, the factory power supply technology, electronic technology comprehensive training, electrical equipment, professional English, English intensive reading.
Employment prospects: electrical automation "automation" belongs to the information industry. Information industry has been hailed as a "sunrise industry", the development of fast, need more talents, salary is high, is the seat of the modern science and technology development trend. Therefore, as an important part of information industry, automation also has a bright future. The two is a wide range of automation applications. Currently, almost all industrial sectors can hang with automatic control the bait, modern agriculture, defense also is closely related with automation. Three is the professional is very beneficial for personal development. The curriculum coverage, have learned with other disciplines cross very much. This is also related to the professional history, automatic control for automation specialty mainly originates from the computer or electronic engineering.
With the continuous development of our economy, the continuous development of modern industrial electrical automation technology talent market has great potential. Especially the Guangdong area, automated production technology constantly improve, automation products continue to spread, the application of intelligent building and intelligent Home Furnishing, intelligent transportation development, to provide a broad development prospects for the major of electrical automation technology.
Power electronic technology and microcomputer control technology is an important component of the new high-tech industry, intelligent control of electrical appliances and electrical control equipment, automatic control system and the production line is widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, national defence and so on, play a decisive role in the national economy. Typically, graduates can choose the state quality and technical supervision departments, research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises; can also be some foreign investment, private enterprise, treatment of course is considerable. If enough students, and accumulated a relatively good results during the study period, can be our own business, create their own piece of the sky. Needs to be pointed out is, because foreign professionals in the direction of research ahead of us, so if you want to have further development, established its leading position in the domestic and the direction, to study abroad is a good choice.
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