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"Little giant" to do "the industry leader"


"Little giant" to do the industry "leader" - reporter Ceng Yuan dressed in uniform blue tooling employees are buried his head, absorbed in the production workshop orderly operation. In August 2nd, the reporter is located in Lezhi County Industrial Development Zone in Sichuan province Xin Lei electronics company, operating room, saw this scene.
As a Sino foreign joint ventures, Xin Lei electronics is a key investment projects in Lezhi county. From 2010 Xinlei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd since its establishment, the company has been developing steadily. The company covers an area of about twenty thousand square meters, more than 30 production lines, nearly 300 employees. Company to the audio and video data production and processing of TV, digital camera, mobile phones and other connected line, products are exported to Europe, the industry in the first batch of the province's "little giant" growth oriented enterprises. In July 24th, the construction of two plant engineering Xinlei electronic company has officially completed, put into operation, different from the one phase of the project is the two phase of the project, the main production of wires, cables, HDMI cable, as are all put into operation, the estimated annual production value can reach 100 million yuan. Electronic company so much, Xin Lei e advantage in where? The company responsible person told the reporter, the company adhere to the skills of technical transformation, optimizing the structure of production capacity, a large number of the introduction and the installation of automatic welding machine, full automatic crimping machine and other high-end production equipment, on the one hand, reduce the production cost, on the other hand, improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness; the company can also according to customer requirements and design new products, optimize the old products to meet customer demand, and has been providing ancillary services international customers, excellent quality, fast delivery, reasonable prices to win customers trust. So the design of human nature, is a solid foundation for the company to gain a foothold in the.
"As an intensive enterprise, the company staff management has long been people-oriented." According to Xin Lei electronics to the person in charge, the company constantly improve employee benefits, not only solve the employee transportation, built the basketball, table tennis and other sports venues for the staff, but also set up trade unions, women's federations, Party branch and assistance center, regularly organize excellent staff to go out tourism, developing skills than activities such as spell, let employees feel the company is like the warmth of home. "To strengthen and improve the humanized management, make all the staff identity, so love company, enhance the work of passion and work quality." Of course, standing on the shoulders of giants, will become more broad-minded. Even the "little giant", Xin Lei electronic has been in constant progress, seek a breakthrough, seek leap. Xin Lei electronics is currently planning the data line production investment, raw material that is specialized in the production of a data connection line need, this will become a production type enterprise from a processing enterprise, thus completing the gorgeous turn. At the same time, the company is planning to open up the domestic market, to increase the added value of the products. Infinite Xinlei electronic development potential further will be bigger and stronger enterprises at the same time, looking forward to deliver better report, make more contributions to the construction of happy Ziyang.
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