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Xinlei company: 2012 is expected to achieve $5000000 in sales performance


Production workshop 2000 square meters, faction busy scene: cutting and stripping of multi machine, machine, machine, electric machine and other equipment to the tall row in a plurality of rows column composition a production line, tension operation; distribution in about 300 production workers around each line, or cut on the composite line, or pneumatic peeling, or welding inspection...... This is a reporter recently in the Development Zone Xijiao Industrial Park Lezhi industrial Sichuan Xin Lei electronic technology company to see scene.
Reporter saw, composite line black by the production line workers cut, port handling, pneumatic peeling, molding, welding, welding inspection, pre tin conducting inspection, visual inspection, quality control checks, imprint bale, shipment inspection and so on dozens of production process, become an accord with the standard specification, unified audio / video connection line, after storage, unified delivery to order merchants.
"The company is the Lezhi county government investment from Dongguan and built the city's first electronic processing enterprises." The company chairman Zhang Yuqing to introduce, the company is currently the main development design, production and processing of 6 types of audio and video frequency connecting line, is Japan's Matsushita Electric Industrial Panasonic tier one suppliers. In 2011 3 monthly Park put into production, the year sales revenue of 500000 dollars.
"Production, sales situation is considerable, this year is expected to achieve $5000000 in sales." Zhang Yuqing confidently told reporters, the company this year orders have been filled, are part of employees to work overtime every day, "Nissan can reach 60000 (sets), the first two months of this year, the company has achieved sales revenues of more than 74 dollars, 7 times last year the average monthly sales revenue. The company is currently in Lezhi County as a recruitment propaganda, intends to recruit a large number of general production line, full strength, ensure to realize annual production, sales target."
An interview with reporters that day midday 12 when, in the workshop work bell sounded, the staff put down their work, shut down production equipment, in order to walk out of the shop, went straight to the canteen. "The company each meal is free to provide staff with a meat dish and one soup." Zhang Yuqing said, for a long time, the company is the humanization management of staff, for their efforts in service. And the building of employee dormitory, canteen and other facilities, employees in the company every day life, accommodation, do not spend a penny, and formed a salary every month, the monthly cash open selection of outstanding employees (Quality Award, award of half snacks, efficiency), free life activities, holidays free cold medicine etc. welfare and incentive mechanism. At the same time, the company also established a trade union, in the County Federation of trade unions under the guidance of the established assistance center, set up a suggestion box, a variety of carriers to listen to employee voice, build a platform for communication, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, and strive to create a talents of people's production and living environment.
"In 2013 and strive to start the two phase of the project construction, the independent production of wires, and start the third phase of the project timely, independent production of hardware, plastic and other raw materials, the number of employees reached more than 1000 people, and further increase product development and innovation, and continuously improve the production capacity, enhance market competitiveness, enhance economic efficiency, promote the continuous development of the company growth, boosting the rapid development of economy and society." About the company's future development planning, Zhang Yuqing was full of confidence.

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